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Office Operations


Get help with your day to day practice operations here, with information on staffing, patient flow and insurance contracting, negotiation and risk management.


HIPAA and Other Regulatory Issues

• Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (general HIPAA information)

HHS Guidance on HIPAA for Medical Professionals


Human Resources/Staffing

• Practice Management Resource Guide Chapter 5: Staffing and human resources issues Office Operations

• Sample job descriptions for allergy office staff Office Operations

Physicians Practice: Seven Steps to Being a Better Medical Office Manager. Audrie “Christie” McLaughlin RN, June 21, 2012

Physicians Practice: 10 HR Issues That Kill Productivity. Shelly Schwartz. April 21, 2011

Pacific Crest Group: Staffing Your Medical Office to Build a Thriving Practice. Gail Merz 2011 How to Hire Office Staff for a Medical or Dental Practice. John Rossheim

The Journal Of Medical Practice Management

Reed Tinsely CPA: Forms and Checklists (for startup and management of a medical office)


Insurance Contracting/Negotiation

ACP Guide to dealing with commercial insurances

Physician’s Money Digest: Negotiating Contracts with Insurance Companies. Roger Fontes MD, August 17, 2013

Physician’s Practice: Negotiating Medical Practice Payer Contracts to your Advantage. Melody Irvine, CPC January 16, 2013 Healthcare: How to Negotiate Insurance Contracts

AAFP. Contract Negotiations: 5 Elements to Consider


Office Flow and Efficiency

Web tools for clinical practice Office Operations

Physician’s Practice: Patient Flow Primer-Get on Track and On Time. Shelly Schwartz. August 3, 2011

Physician’s Practice: Managing Patient Flow: Keep the Lines of Communication Open. Owen Dahl. April 25, 2012 Medical Office: Part 1: Patient Flow-Identify Opportunities for Improvement. Joy Hicks

Dermatology Times: Office Workflow Improvements Benefit Patients, Staff, Physicians. Elizabeth Woodcock MBA, CPC,  FACMPE. July 1, 2011

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